Of all the miracles in the Bible this one of ‘immaculate conception’ is at the same time most wonderful and most offensive.
Texts like this continue to amaze me at the generosity of God. He’s not the God who says, “I’ve brought you out, now be thankful”. But He goes beyond that to say that He will do more for His people.
This must be one of the most paradoxical texts in the Bible. Actually the Scriptures are full of it for the ways of God’s kingdom are diametrically opposed to the ways of the world.
Anxiety is a weight that some carry to their graves because excess anxiety can have serious consequences. The gospel, the good news of Jesus tells us that we have One who is our great Burden Bearer and who will relieve our anxiety.
The fireworks of the glory of God can be frightening too as they burst in splendour on our sin darkened lives. But beyond that initial startling this display of glory is more attractive than any other.
Solomon despite his great wisdom was destroyed by love. Instead of loving God his heart was drawn away to love the very things that had been forbidden by God – foreign wives.