“Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.” Proverbs? ?12:25? ?NIV??

Growing up this word ‘cheers’ was usually used when my Dad got together with his friends and had a drink. It became for some reason a word that was in my mind associated with that and I suspect many others would think that way. For some reason that I can’t remember I began to sign off my emails like that often. I was not thinking of a drink(!) but as this proverb says communicating cheerfulness.

At the moment as at most moments in life there are anxious thoughts. Some days the anxiety intensifies, some days it is less. But it seems that this is a cross I have to bear. I get anxious about all kinds of things. Take travel for example – I am a very nervous traveller. So much so that my family has coined the term ‘panic Pawar’ to tease me about it.

Anxiety is a weight that some carry to their graves because excess anxiety can have serious consequences. The gospel, the good news of Jesus tells us that we have One who is our great Burden Bearer and who will relieve our anxiety. Specifically He calls us to come to Him and to be yoked to Him for His ‘burden is light and His yoke is easy’ (Matt 11:29).

Remembering and applying these and similar words of Scripture will lift the anxiety. Yes, it’ll be a fight to get there for anxious thoughts will continue to bombard our minds. But Christ our great cheer is still on the throne.

So I say to my soul and you, ‘Cheers!’

Indrajeet Pawar, 24/06/2016