The Greatness of God

“And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,” Luke? ?1:46–47? ?NIV??

Of all the miracles in the Bible this one of ‘immaculate conception’ is at the same time most wonderful and most offensive. Wonderful for the believer who understands the reason for Jesus to have been conceived in this way so that He could be the true second Adam in whom all could live. That this was God’s miraculous way of ensuring that ‘inherited’ sin which we are all tainted with would not touch Him. That with His own personal sinlessness would ensure we had a perfect Saviour. No wonder then that Mary can rejoice ‘in God’ her ‘Saviour’.

At the same time this is offensive to those who refuse to believe for they do not have any empirical evidence for the possibility of such a thing ever happening. Armed with their human biology texts in one hand and test tubes in the other they refuse to believe in this miraculous work of God.

Where you fall on this will determine how you live. Making space for the miraculous intervention of God as Mary did, submitting to God’s miraculous working leads to rejoicing in God. The other road to despair and destruction. Which road will you take?

“Underneath it all is a celebration of God. God has taken the initiative – God the Lord, the saviour, the Powerful One, the Holy One, the Merciful One, the Faithful One. God is the ultimate reason to celebrate.” (Tom Wright, Luke for Everyone)

Indrajeet Pawar, 29/06/2016